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Bortex Global was founded in 2014, wholly owned Harvest Mount, Bortex International, Bortex Holding. These companies were founded in 2010, 2008 and 2011 respectively. Bortex Holding acquired the Bortex Industry in 2013.

Bortex International was established in the early days of LED Christmas lighting products trade. In the meantime, it has cooperated with Bortex Industry (now a subsidiary of Bortex Global) to sell products to overseas customers. Over time, it is now a combination of trade and production. The Group Company has two registered trademarks and eleven registered patents.

Since its opening, Bortex International is mainly responsible for selling LED decoration lighting series and luminaire lighting series to overseas companies. Bortex Industry is responsible for producing and developing LED decorations and luminaire lighting series, and selling them both at home and abroad. In addition, the company also introduces festive themes and other kinds of decorative lights to provide more diversified products. With the joint efforts of its research and development team, Bortex Global has developed more products that meet customer needs and obtained several patents and achievements.


Since its inception, in order to better develop and implement the company's future development plan, Bortex Global clearly indicate its subsidiaries, so that the Group Company can gain the maximum benefit.

Bortex International mainly sells a variety of different types of LED lighting products. Over the past years, No matter product sales, festival or theme project, Bortex International also actively participate in and cooperate with the customer, and thus success for establish a good company image.

Bortex International was mainly selling decorative lighting products to overseas customers. Through engagement with international customers, the directors believe that customers tend to choose and maintain a supplier that has a strong manufacturing capability. In order to absorb and retain more international customers to expand and support the long-term development of the company, the board decided to change the business model of the whole group, from a trading company to a company which combines manufacturers and exporters, and to provide better and more comprehensive services. Therefore, in 2013, Bortex Holding acquired the Bortex Industry. Bortex International began to own its own factories to meet customer needs. Up to now, Bortex Global products have been very diversified, and its customer groups have been expanded from the retailers, to retailers, wholesalers, real estate developers, agricultural technology production and other fields.

Bortex Global has more than 150 employees which includes R&D team and management team. It has abundant experience in product design, cost control, etc., so as to preserve a stable state. Over the past few years, Bortex Global is also continuously investing in resources, purchasing efficient and mechanical equipment, making the technology more fluent, and ensuring quality and efficient production of quality products, so as to improve competitiveness and profit making ability.